Mattress Sizes

Twin Mattress (39" x 75")
The smallest possible mattress size and may be too short for some adults

Twin XL Mattress (39" x 80")
The Twin XL offers several inches in length but remains around 38 inches in width. Most dormitories have Twin XL mattresses.

Full Mattress (54" x 75")
Full size mattresses are also called Double mattresses and are only enough space for a single sleeper and only if the person is under 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Queen Mattress (60" x 80")
Queen size is a good choice for guest rooms or smaller master bedrooms.

King Mattress (76" x 80")
King mattresses are about 18 inches wider than a Queen mattress. Two Twin XL mattresses pushed together make a King size mattress which may be a good alternative if each of you like a different feel to your mattress.

California King Mattress (72" x 86")
California King mattresses are 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a regular King size mattress.

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